-Click on Register Button, located on top right corner of home page

-Enter Info and Click on green Register button

-Check your e-mail to verify your account and click on the link in the e-mail, which will take you to the login page
*If you already have an account, just click on the Login Button

-Click on your name in the top right corner and scroll down to My Account

-To add wrestlers, click on Manage Wrestlers and then Create A Wrestler (you will be able to link brothers up there)
*Note: to receive a family discount, wrestlers must be from the same immediate family, or living under the same roof (this discount does not apply to first cousins living separately)

-Enter all of the wrestler's information
*You do not need to enter a team affiliation, unless you are part of a team/club that is registering for the Team/Club Competition.
*Note: If you are with a registered team, then scroll down to highlight the club/team name. If your club/team is not yet registered, you will be able to add this information later on, to link you up.

-To add additional wrestlers, click on the Blue Add A Wrestler Button
-To pay, click on the Orange Checkout Button

-Click the boxes, on the right side of the page, for those wrestlers you currently wish to pay for
*Note: You will be able to come back later on and pay for any of the wrestlers you don't currently select

***Note, if you have already registered your wrestlers, you can click on your name, in the top right corner, and log into your account and then click on Registration Checkout

Your invoice total will appear and you can enter your credit card information up top and pay. You can also send a Money Order/Cashier's Check  (make sure to include the name of the wrestler(s) you are paying for) to: Ohio TofC, 8138 Kingfisher lane, Pickerington, OH  43147 (these need to be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date).


-Basically, to sign up a club or team, follows the same steps above.

-There is a fee to enter the Club/Team Competition and those are listed under Tournament Information and then Club/Team Competition

-Once you register your Club, or Team, your Club/Team name will appear on the individual wrestler's registration, as an option for them to select.
*Note: If individuals enter, prior to your registering your group, you will be able to add them later on.

-When you register your group, you will be able to send out an e-mail, with a link, that will connect them with your Club or Team.
***Note: Please remember that, unless entering as a State team (see Club/Team Information for which states may do this), all club/team members MUST be regular active participants of your club/team.