General Information

The Tournament will adhere to the following procedures for entry:

  • Entries will continue to be accepted in each weight class (up until we reach our total limit or our event closure date).
  • Our event is now capable of handling weight classes larger than 64 competitors, so all wrestlers entered will get the weight class they choose.
  • Note: It is possible (and probable) that on the final day of applications being accepted, (when the tournament will reach its maximum amount of entries), that the tournament will close out. We will do our best to accept all possible entrants. But, when we decide to CLOSE the entry window, then it will be CLOSED.
  • The Tournament Committee does retain the right to add an additional maximum of 20 wrestlers, at their discretion (and that have otherwise already qualified), up until two weeks prior to the date of the tournament, or at such time that the charts have been started.

    VIDEO CHALLENGES: We do plan to offer Video Challenges for 2021. Please see the Video Review Policy Link at the top of the Home Page.


***Due to the COVID situation, we are suspending all qualification standards for the 2021 Ohio Tournament of Champions. Thus, ALL wrestlers are eligible to compete in the event. However, please understand that this is a highly competitive event and not recommended for inexperienced wrestlers.***

Participating Wrestlers must qualify for this event. There are a number of ways to do so:
****New for 2018

    -All past Ohio TofC Champions
   ****Top 8 place finishers, from previous five years
   ****-Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from their Region Director
*****Any wrestler granted Wildcard Entry by a Certified Club or Team Coach
****Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from Rudis Sportswear
****Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from 3X Gear
****Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from Defense Soap
****Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from a past Ohio TofC Champion - 5 wrestlers
****Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from a past Ohio TofC Placer (past two years) - 3 wrestlers
****Any wrestler granted "Wildcard Entry" from a past TofC participant (past two years)  - 1 wrestler
    -Any wrestler that is part of a Club/Team, that is entered into the Club/Team Competition
    -ALL High School Wrestlers (and any wrestler that is on their High School Wrestling Roster)     
    -All Cadet & Elite Division Wrestlers (those who turn 15 or older the year of the Tournament)
     -ALL Open Division (post High School) wrestlers
    -Top 6 at any National Level Event (previous three years)
    -Top 3 at any State or League Tournament (past three years)
    -ALL OAC, OH-WAY and Ohio Youth League State Qualifiers (past three years) 
    -ALL PJW District & State Qualifier (past three years)
     -ALL of the following State Qualifiers (past three years): MYWAY (Michigan), NYWAY & New York USA Kid's State (New York), New Jersey Kid's State (New Jersey),  MSWA & MDWAY (Maryland), IKWF (Illinois), ISWA (Indiana), West Virginia Kid's State (West Virginia)
    -Top 4 at any other State Tournament
    -Top 3 at any other League Tournament
    -Top 3 (some instances Top 4) at any Official Ohio TofC Qualifier
    -1st Place at any non Ohio TofC Qualifier
    -10 or more wins during the current wrestling season (matches in rookie tournaments do not count)
    -Reside in a State with no qualifiers


  • $70.00 per wrestler (additional wrestlers from the same family are only $50.00). All Open Division Wrestlers are $50.00. This fee includes a mandatory $5 per wrestler fee, for event insurance.
  • Note: Partial refunds are possible if the tournament is notified prior to two weeks before the event date. See refund policy below.
    Registration fee includes:
    • Entry fee
    • Event Insurance
    • Free spectator admission
  • All wrestlers guaranteed 2 matches -- all mats in the same facility. All competition will be held at the Highlands
  • Sports Complex - Triadelphia, WV. Beginning in 2012, the tournament will utilize additional mats to allow wrestlers who lost their first two matches to receive a third match. currently, we are unsure whether we will be able to run mats for those that go two and out).
  • Beginning in 2011, no AAU cards will be required. Instead, the Tournament will use an Independent policy. This will require a $5 additional fee per entrant (which will be added onto the invoice).
  • ***Beginning in 2011, we are not requiring birth certificates, in order to enter. However, all participants should bring a copy with them to the event site, in case someone challenges their date of birth. In order to do this, there will be a $50 fee charge to the challenger. If the wrestler cannot verify his date of birth, he will be removed the the tournament and NO refunds will be given.
  • Awards: top 8 place finishers in each weight division will receive awards (top 6 in Open Division). In addition, all champions will receive a specially designed tournament watch. In the Girl's Division, awards will be given to the top 4 place finishers. The Champion of the girl's division will receive a watch as well.
  • Rules: High school rules, with slight modifications as determined by the tournament committee, will be used.
  • Beginning in 2009, weigh in cards will be able to be printed online. You will need to remember your user name/password in order to do this. This option will be available once the event has closed out and the weight change deadline has passed. You will also be able to pick up a weigh in card at the tournament site, during weigh ins. Beginning in 2016, the ability to print your weigh in card will not occur until after the entry deadline has passed. Event programs, souvenir pins and weight charts will also be available at that time.


  • Weight classes will wrestle on a cluster of adjoining mats throughout the tournament. We will use high school style brackets and bout number system will be used. Bout number will appear an the matside scoreboards, allowing wrestlers, coaches, parents and spectators to monitor the progress of a wrestler's weight class.
  • Only one coach per wrestler and on-deck wrestler will be allowed in the wrestling area. Coaches need to stay out of the area by the mat tables.
  • You do not have to wrestle in the weight class at which you qualified. However, you must indicate at which weight you wish to compete. There are no change of weights at the tournament sight. You must make the weight you indicate. Any weight changes MUST be done on this site prior to the weight change deadline. ***Note: Beginning in 2004, all wrestlers will weigh-in in wrestling uniform (singlet or t-shirt/shorts; shoes and headgear are optional). No weight allowance will be given.
  • Elite and Cadet wrestlers do not have to qualify in order to participate in the Tournament of Champions. However, they must still pre-register.
  • There will be a skin check of all contestants at weigh-in. Bring current doctor's note if necessary. However, the tournament medical staff will have the final say in these matters. No refunds!!! A medical doctor will be present at 5:00 PM. to examine all wrestlers who do not pass an initial skin check.
  • Official Tournament Wrestling Suppliers are listed on our home page

Payment, Late Entries, Weight Changes & Print Weigh-In Card

  • You may pay by money order or cashier's check up until three weeks before the event date (April 3 in 2021). After that, unless previous arrangements have been made, only PayPal payments will be accepted.
  • Late Entries: There will be an additional $10-$40 fee charged (to the first family entry only), for all entries that register during the late, or extended, deadline. NO entries will be taken at the event itself.
  • Late weight changes: Once our initial weight change deadline has passed, weight changes may be allowed (if space allows) at the following rates:
  • -There will be NO charge for weight changes, if done prior to the Late/Extended Registration deadline.
  • To make a weight change, log into your account and then click on Manage Wrestlers. You should see a "Change Weight" option. Click on that and submit. We try to check the weight change page every couple of days (every couple hours the final week) and make the change. You should receive an e-mail, once the change has been made.
  • You will also see a link where you can print out your weigh in card, to bring with you to the Tournament. If you fail to print one out, you will be able to pick one up in the site. Just get in line for weigh-ins and, when you get to the front of the line, you will receive your weigh in card.
  • -All remaining weight changes will be done at the Tournament site, as brackets will be unavailable until then. Individuals would be able to check to see if a spot would be open however. Fee to change weight at the site will be: $50 ($25 for the Open and Girl's Divisions)

Refund Policy

  • Up to 30 days prior to event date: A fee of $20 per entry will be accessed
  • 15-29 days prior to event date: A fee of $30 per entry will be accessed
  • 14 or less days prior to event date: No Refunds Will Be Given

Note: Tournament must be contacted, via e-mail, by the appropriate date in order for a refund to be issued. ***Names may continue to appear, as accepted, until event closes out and any refunds will not be issued until the close out date has passed.

***If the Tournament is shut down, due to the COVID-19 situation,  a FULL REFUND will be given to all Individual and Dual Meet Team registrants. An e-mail will be sent to all regarding the refunds. Last year, we were able to process full refunds to all the day after we cancelled. Please note that, once processed,  it may take 7-10 days for your refund to appear on your statement. If you pay via check, it may take us a bit more time to process and get a check out to you.


    We will have trainers present to do a skin check of all competitors. If they determine that there may be a skin problem, then the Head Trainer will look at it. If the Head Trainer can not determine what it might be, then the wrestler will need to return, from 5-8 pm, for the Tournament Doctor to look at the skin problem. The Tournament Doctor has the final say in all such matters. On Saturday, the Head Trainer will have the final say in such cases.

    2018 Note from our Dermatologist, regarding the Mollescum Contagiousum issue:

    Parents, coaches and participants,

    Beginning in 2018 Ohio TOC, skin checks will be performed and guidelines consistent with those established by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) sports medicine advisory committee will be followed. This includes potential disqualification of registrants who are deemed by on site dermatologist as having a contagious skin problem. This includes but is not limited to bacterial infections, fungal infections (commonly referred to as ringworm), parasitic infections such as lice or scabies, conjunctivitis (pink eye) and viral infections such as herpes simplex and molluscum contagiosum.  

    Molluscum contagiosum has been a significant cause of disqualification in prior years because of its frequency in the younger aged wrestlers and its highly contagious nature from skin to skin contact. They present as small shiny flesh colored to pink bumps on the skin. NFHS rules permit wrestling immediately after curettage (scraping off) of these lesions once bleeding is stopped from the procedure. This service was provided by on site dermatologists last year to avoid disqualification for a cash fee of $25. This is again being offered to wrestlers this year at the doctors discretion. OF NOTE, if a registered wrestler has greater than 8 molluscum or facial molluscum lesions, he/she will not be treated and subject to skin check disqualification.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Dr. Jess DeMaria

    In addition, the National Federation of State High School Associations, has issued a Medical Form, which needs to be filled out, by all competitors that have any form of communicable skin disease. You can find this form here:

    If you have any medical issues you need to check ahead of time on, please contact our Head Trainer: Jason Eaches at