Region & Club/Team Competition

FUTURE DATES: April 18, 2020 & April 24, 2021

***TofC will continue to be a one day event. We will also continue the staggering of the weight classes during the day.

***TofC will remain an individual event. However, there will be a greater emphasis placed on the Team/Club Competition aspect (see below for more details). While entering as a team will allow wrestlers to bypass other means of qualification, those entering as individuals will still need to meet some level of qualification.

***Along with the major team awards we are working on, individual awards will still be given out to the top 8 (top 6 in the Open Division and top 4 in the Girl's Division) place finishers in each weight class.

***We are hopeful of being able to run a paperless event starting in 2017.

***We will still provide for mats for those wrestlers who go two and out, so that they can receive some additional matches, if they so choose.


Here are the Regions we are looking for Representatives for and the areas each encompass. If no names are listed, and you are interested in the position, please contact us at
Note: Region Chairman do have the ability to qualify any wrestler(s), that they feel are qualified enough, to be able to comete in teh Tournament of Champions.
CURRENT REGION CHAIRMEN (more still to be named)

Ohio (Central, including Columbus, Marion and Delaware) - Jordan Cramer

Ohio (Cincinnati) - Don Jones

Ohio (Dayton/Springfield) - Shawn Randolph

Ohio (Canton, East, SE, (including Canton, Alliance, Portsmouth, Lancaster, Athens, Steubenville, Cambridge, Zanesville, Coshocton, New Philadelphia areas) - Matt Yinger ny_myinger@seovecorg; Ron Messer; Mike Blackburn

Ohio (Northwest, including Toledo, Lima, Findlay, Tiffin, Sandusky areas) - Troy McLaughlin; Nicholas Sanchez; Jodi Burnett

Ohio (Akron/Youngstown) - Ron Messer; Derrick Fletcher; Anthony Gary

Ohio (Cleveland East, including Ashtabula and Conneaut) - Brian Edwards; Mike Thompson; Dave Rowan

Ohio (Cleveland West, including Lorain and Elyria) - Guy Sako; Erik Burnett

PA (PJW 1, 3) - Tim Crouse (1); Alonzo Vielma (1); Andrew Spears (3)

PA (PJW 4, 7) - John Burns (4); Justin Waters (7) Justin Waters (7)

PA (PJW 5, 6, 8) - Billy Dubler (5); Kenny Lindermuth (5); Mike Gentile (6); Matt Selker (8)

PA (PJW 9, 13) - Corey Detar (9); Dan Nauman (13)

PA (PJW 2, 10, 12) - Bill Bassett (2); Billy Dubler (2); Tim Reitz (10); Jess Simcox (2/10); Tom Gernhart (12)

PA (PJW 11, 14) - John Boyer (11); Mike Gornick (14)

Michigan (East, Metro) - George Ames (East); Jodi Burnett (East); Jason Natale (Metro); Jeff Mayer (Metro)

Michigan (Central, SW) - George Ames (Central); Hickory Buell (SW)

Michigan (NE) - Jeremy Amy

Michigan (West, North, Far North) -

New York (Far West, West) - Gary McDowell

New York (C, ST, N,C, HV, LI) - Gary Redding; Steve Poulin

New Jersey North - Steve Holly; Michael DeGeorge; Gary Raspantini

New Jersey South - Bill Ward -; Frank Sannino

Canada - Calum McNeil

Coastal (NC, SC, FL) - Trofe Campbell (NC); Corey Mock (NC); Mica Hendricks (SC); Danny Lane (FL); Miguel Rivera (FL)

Illinois - Benjamin Wenzel; Doug Hoselton; Derrick Noble

California - Reece Humphrey (LA) reecehumphrey@gmailcom; Joshua Adams (Central and North); Colleen Mata (San Diego)

Indiana - Jason DeMien (North); Lewis Warren (Central); Brandon Sisson (South)

Iowa - Brian Woods

Kansas/Nebraska - Max Fisher (KS); Linda Kriner (KS); Randy Streeter (KS); Roger Parker (NE)

Kentucky/Tennessee - Nick Spatola (KY); Andrew Baldwin (KY); Caleb Myers (TN); Don Barnett (TN)

Maryland/Delaware - Tony Barnes (MD); Jason Gabrielson (MD); Cory Frederick (DE)

North Central (MN/ND/SD) - Nicholas Lyden (MN); Andy Koehler (MN); Andy Noble (MN); Mike DeBlaere (ND); Rob Fortin (SD)

Missouri - Cory Reichert

New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) - Jason Singer (CT); Joe Nugent (MA); Todd Darling (MA); Allen Berube (ME); Jay Robinson (NH); John Clark (RI); Kelly Stettner (VT)

Northwest (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY) - Mike Priebe; Joey Vail; Shawn Allen (MT); Amber Downing; Mike Simons (OR); Tom Johnston (WA); Danielle Dalton (WY); Bryan Galey (WY)

Southeast (GA, AL, LA, MS) - David Hill (AL); Shad Rissler (AL); Bruce Gunning (GA); Scott Byers (GA); Martin Muller (LA)

South Central (OK, TX, AR) - Preston Smith (AR); Willy McDoulett (OK); Nick McClellan (TX)

Virginia/DC - Rick Boyd (VA); Bryan Roggie (VA); Chris Nininger (VA); Tom Kibler (VA)

Western (AZ, CO,HI, NV, NM, UT) - Bryan Kelly (AZ); Ernie byers (NM); Travis Swallow (UT); Jade Rauser (UT); Ben Menzor (CO); Salvador Gutierrez (CO); Marc Hassell-Cramer (NV-North); Jacob Rollans (NV-South); Nathan Williams (HI); Kevin Corbett (HI)

West Virginia - Jamie Harris; Raymond Byers; Christopher Starcher

Wisconsin - Cal Stanke; Maja Casey; Jim Dolphin; Paula Dux

2018 Region Results

1. Michigan East/Metro   389
2. Ohio Central                369
3. PJW Area 5/6/8            309
4. PJW Area 4/7                301
5. Ohio Canton/East/Southeast    297
6. Illinois                            289
7. Ohio Akron/Youngstown    279
8. Michigan Northeast        276
9. Kentucky/Tennessee        275
10. West Virginia                258
11. PJW Area 2/10/12        234
12. PJW Area 1/3                219
13. Michigan Central/Southwest    206
14. Indiana                        203
15. Georgia                        201
16. New York East/North        184
17. New Jersey South        175
18. New York West/Far West    175
19. Ohio Northwest            161
20. PJW Area 11/14            154
21. Virginia/Washington DC    148
22. Ohio Dayton                144
23. Ohio Cincinnati            114
24. Coastal (NC, SC, FL)    97
25. Ohio Cleveland West        92
26. Missouri                        85
27. New Jersey North        85
28. Maryland/Delaware        75
29. PJW Area 9/13            65
30. New England                63
31. Ohio Cleveland East     62
32. Michigan West, North, Far North    49
33. Wisconsin                    44
34. Canada                        16
35. California                    16

2017 Region Results
1. Indiana                345
2. PJW Area 1/3            333
3. West Virginia            330
4. Michigan East/Metro        304
5. Ohio NW                303
6. Ohio Central            298
7. PJW Area 5/6/8            282
8. PJW Area 4/7            279
9. PJW Area 2/10/12        256
10. PJW Area 11/14        248
11. Ohio Akron/Youngstown    225
12. Kentucky/Tennessee        221
13. Virginia/Washington DC    214
14. Ohio Southwest            210
15. Illinois                197
16. Southeast (GA/AL/LA/MS)    197
17. Ohio Dayton/Springfield    195
18. Michigan Northeast        187    
19. Michigan Centra/Southwest    185
20. Ohio Canton/East/Southeast    179
21. Coastal (NC, SC, FL)        164
22. Ohio Cleveland West        150
23. New York West/Far West    138
24. Maryland/Delaware        119
25. New York East/North        114
26. Missouri                  99
27. New England              77
28. PJW Area 9/13              76
29. Ohio Cleveland East          75
30. New Jersey South           63
31. Michigan West/North/FN      59
32. California                  52
33. New Jersey North          34
34. North Central (ND, SD, MN)      26
35. Wisconsin              25
36. Iowa                    9
37. Pacific Northwest            3   


For 2020:

We will again have Club/Team competition this year. Awards will be given out to the top 3 clubs/teams in each division. As always, you do not need to name your point scorers. All members of your club/team are possible scorers.

Also, when registering, each wrestler will need to enter his designated Team/Club (this is mandatory beginning in 2019), as we have had problems with the current system and adding club/team designations after a wrestler has already registered. This will insure that all of your wrestlers will be on your club/team roster and, if they put the wrong designation down, it will be much easier for us to correct.

We will have four designations for the Club/Team Competition:

Division 1: (Mostly for "Super Club Teams" - up to 16 point scorers)

Division 2: (Mostly for Smaller Club Teams and Larger School Teams - up to 12 point scorers)

Division 3: (Mostly for Really Small Club Teams or Small School Teams - up to 8 point scorers)

Division 4: (Girl's Teams) - up to 8 point scorers


Beginning in 2020, we are waiving the fee to enter the team/club competition. However, only actual clubs/teams will be eligible to score points.

While still an Individual Event, wrestlers will be able to declare the team/club they represent. Also, any wrestler that is entering as a member of a participating club or team, does not have to meet any other qualification standards. Wrestlers entering the event as Unattached (not representing a participating club, or team, must still meet qualification standards - see below)

These clubs/teams will be divided into four categories, somewhat based on type and size. Based on their individual place finish, wrestlers will then score points and the top three clubs/teams in each division will win prizes.

Basically, this is how it will work. A Coach (or Team Designee) will go to our site ( and sign up his Team/Club. There will be no fee to register as a Club or Team. Once registered, the Coach/Designee will be given a code. This individual can then proceed to enroll each of the athletes to his roster, or provide his wrestlers with the code, for when they sign up. The Coach will also have the ability to easily send out an e-mail, to all his wrestlers and parents, with this code in it.

As the wrestlers enroll, they will select their Club/Team, during the registration process. If their Coach has yet to set up his account, wrestlers will be able to log back in, once the account has been set up, to indicate their selection. Coaches (or the Team Designee) will also be able to monitor who has signed up, paid and what weight class they are at.

While the family discount for wrestlers is still in effect, if one individual enrolls all the individuals for their club/team, AND pays for them in one payment, then they will also receive one additional FREE entry for each 10 paid individuals (a $70 savings).

***Open & Girl's Division Division wrestlers (those who are no longer in High School), will count towards the total number of wrestlers, but the Open Division will not earn points towards the Club/Team Competition. The Girl's Division will have their own separate Club/Team Competition.

Coaches will NOT have to designate their point scorers. The top X number of place finishers (see below) will score points for their club/team. Point scorers can be spread throughout all of the age/weight categories.


In 2016, we added the Club & Team Competition, also based on each individual’s place finish. However, there seemed to be a lot of confusion, as to what Division a Club/Team should enter.

We have revamped things for this year and have dropped all the Club/Team designations. Instead, you will enter the Division you wish, in an attempt to try to win the Award associated with that particular Division.

As is the case with all Clubs/Team entering, all wrestlers designated a member of that group must practice, with said group, on a regular basis. Rosters consisting of obvious “all-star” recruited teams will not be allowed. You do not need to designate who your point scorers are. The top “X” number, based on Division you enter, may earn points.

Division 1 - (For the most part, large Club Teams)
Total number of possible point scorers: 16

Division 2 - (For the most part Large School Teams, or Smaller Area Clubs)
Total number of possible point scorers: 12

Division 3 - (For the most part Smaller School Teams)
Total number of possible point scorers: 8

There should also be NO need for any club/team, in Division I-III to try to "recruit" wrestlers who are not from their school district, or active participants of their club (active means practicing with the club on a regular basis and does not refer to having represented the team at events) as coaches have 80 age/weight categories to draw their wrestlers from.

Clubs/Teams found to be in violation of "recruiting" outside wrestlers will not be eligible for the Club/Team awards. Wrestlers may represent, and earn points, for one team/club only.

Note: We are working at adding even more possible awards to the ones listed below. Only one of each type of award will be given in each Division. The First Place team will select their award, then the second and then the third.

Points will be earned as follows:
1st Place: 20 points
2nd Place: 16 points
3rd Place: 12 points
4th Place: 9 points
5th Place: 7 points
6th Place: 5 points
7th Place: 3 points
8th Place: 1 point

Girl's Division Points will be as follows:
1st Place: 12 Points
2nd Place: 9 Points
3rd Place: 6 points
4th Place: 4 Point

In the event of a tie, the club/team with the most 1st placer finishers will take first. If still tied, then we will go to most 2nd place finishers and so on. If they are still tied after going thru all the places, the team that entered the most wrestlers will receive the first place award. If still tied, then duplicate awards will be given.



Overall: BTW, Mean Machine, Mercury Rising, Team Tennessee 615, One Shot, Evolution Wrestling Camps
Bantam: One Shot, Mean Machine, BTW
Midget: Mean Machine, BTW, Mercury Rising
Junior: BTW, Team Tennessee 615, Mercury Rising
Schoolboy: BTW, Mercury Rising, Evolution Wrestling Camps
Cadet: BTW, Mercury Rising
Elite: BTW, Team Tennessee 615


Overall: Gladiator Wrestling, Maryland Maniacs, Modus Operandi
Bantam: Maryland Maniacs, Gladiator Wrestling
Midget: Gladiator Wrestling, Maryland Maniacs
Junior: Maryland Maniacs, Gladiator Wrestling
Schoolboy: Maryland Maniacs, Gladiator Wrestling
Cadet: Gladiator Wrestling, Modus Operandi, Maryland Maniacs
Elite: Gladiator Wrestling


Overall: Smithfield, Horsepower Wrestling Club, Goodrich Wrestling Club, Clio, Trinity Hillers
Bantam: Smithfield, Clio
Midget: Smithfield, Goodrich Wrestling Club, Clio & Trinity Hillers
Junior: Smithfield, Trinity Hillers, Goodrich Wrestling Club
Schoolboy: Clio (won tie breaker), Goodrich Wrestling Club, Smithfield
Cadet: Horsepower Wrestling Club
Elite: Horsepower Wrestling Club, Clio & Goodrich Wrestling Club


Overall: Trinity Hillers, Team Tennessee 615



Overall: GK Trained
Bantam: GK Trained
Midget: GK Trained
Junior: None
Schoolboy: GK Trained
Cadet: None
Elite: None


Overall: OMP, G2 World Wrestling Academy, Gladiators, SW Renegades
Bantam: OMP, SW Renegades
Midget: OMP, G2, Gladiators
Junior: OMP, Gladiators
Schoolboy: OMP, G2, Gladiators
Cadet: G2
Elite: G2, OMP


Overall: Goodrich, Clio, Prevle Shawnee, Competitive Edge
Bantam: Preble Shawnee, Goodrich
Midget: Goodrich, Competitive Edge
Junior: Clio, Preble Shawnee, Goodrich
Schoolboy: Goodrich
Cadet: Goodrich, Clio


The Brainard Bunch, Elmwood


Overall: RAW 241 (NJ); Ohio Mafia (OH); Compound (GA)
Bantam: None
Midget: Compound
Junior: RAW 241; Compound
Schoolboy: RAW 241; Compound
Cadet: Ohio Mafia
Elite: Ohio Mafia

Overall: Bad Boys (MD)
Bantam: None
Midget: Bad Boys
Junior: Bad Boys
Schoolboy: Bad Boys
Elite: Bad Boys

Overall: Reynolds (PA); Mineral Point (WI); Goodrich (MI); Middletwon (OH); Clio (MI); Trinity (PA)
Bantam: Goodrich, Trinity, Middletown
Midget: Mineral Point, Middletown, Preble Shawnee (OH)
Junior: Reynolds, Trinity, Middletown
Schoolboy: Reynolds, Clio, Mineral Point
Cadet: Reynolds, Clio
Elite: None



Overall: Ragin Raisins (PA);
Bantam: None
Midget: None
Junior: Ragin Raisins
Schoolboy: Ragin Raisins
Cadet: Ragin Raisins
Elite: Ragin Raisins

Overall: Bad Karma (PA), Bad Boys (MD), Marion Elite (OH), Red Line (OH)
Bantam: Bad Karma
Midget: Bad Karma, Marion Elite, Red Line
Junior: Bad Karma, Marion Elite, Red Line
Schoolboy: Bad Boys, Marion Elite, Bad Karma
Cadet: Bad Boys, Red Line, Marion Elite
Elite: Bad Boys, Red Line

Overall: Pride (PA), Journeymen (NY), Slaughterhouse (PA) Mineral Point (WI)
Bantam: Pride, Slaughterhouse
Midget: Journeymen, Pride, Mineral Point
Junior: Slaughterhouse, Journeymen
Schoolboy: Slaughterhouse
Cadet: None
Elite: None

Club & Team Discount Rates

In order to receive a group discount, for a Club/Team, all entries must be entered as a Group Entry (under one user name/password) and payment must be done with one transaction. The individual in charge of the group will be able to monitor each wrestler's status, make any weight changes necessary and print each individual's weigh in card.

***No discounts will be applied to additional family members, as they are already at the rate of $50, which includes the $5, per entry, event insurance. However, the additional family members will be used in determining the total number of group members. The same applies to wrestlers in the Open Division.

State Competition


USA 3331 OH/PA3023
OH 1877
PA 1146
MI 842
NY 375
WV 306
IL 271
VA 204
IN 169
MD 168
KY 150
GA 148
MO 147
TN 124
NJ 90
DE 74
MA 61
OK 32
NH 31
NC 28
ME 23
CAN 20
FL 20
WI 17
AZ 9
SC 9
CA 7
TX 5
CT 1


USA 3352 OH/PA 3008
PA 1510
OH 1498
MI 1019
WV 360
NY 304
NJ 287
VA 231
IN 203
MO 197
KY 184
TN 114
MD 106
GA 92
DE 63
NC 39
IA 32
IL 31
MA 20
ME 17
OK 13
NH 12
WI 12
RI 9
SC 7


USA 3521 OH/PA 3125
PA 1569
OH 1556
MI 882
NY 396
WV 316
MO 291
VA 255
NJ 253
GA 226
IN 157
KY 146
MD 145
IL 133
TN 111
SC 39
RI 33
WI 29
NC 22
FL 14
NH 13
TX 13
MA 10
DE 4
KS 4
ME 4


OH/PA 3627 USA 3368
OH 1904
PA 1723
MI 867
NY 427
WV 289
MD 210
IN 205
MO 203
NJ 197
KY 153
VA 130
IL 65
TN 65
SC 56
CA 52
CO 39
FL 39
MA 38
RI 36
NC 33
ME 32
MN 23
GA 16
NH 12
OK 9
ND 7
AL 5
IA 3
DE 1
WI 1