1.      Reviews are only allowed during the following: All Final Placement Matches and Championship Semi-Final Matches.

***Note: There may be an occasion, outside of the above mentioned matches, where video review is requested.   When such requests are made, the Tournament Committee will make a ruling as to whether a video review is necessary. 

 2. Coaches are allowed one (1) video challenge per match.

3. Fee for video challenges will be $50.00 received immediately upon challenge and placed on the scorers table.

4. Coach must approach the scoring table and wave the yellow flag and match will be halted after significant action has stopped. Once match has been stopped, Coach must place the $50 on the scoring table and ask for a video review.

5. If video review results in the call being reversed, the $50 will be returned and the time will be placed back on the match clock and wrestling resumed.

6. If video review is not overturned the opponent will receive 1 match point and the $50 will be forfeited.

7. Video review will be done by one of 3 Head Officials and the mat official. Video reviews are limited to (2) minutes.

8. Coaches must remain in their respective corners during review process.

9. Decision rendered by Head Official will be announced by the mat official and accepted by all, as final, and match continued.